1. What is SONICAM?

The SONICAM is a VR camera, enable one to make 2D and 3D 360 video and images easily. 360 mean you can capture each and everything around you. With 3D technology you can feel the depth and a sense of presence in the scene you are watching. This technology works exactly the same way as we humans see the world with our two eyes in real life.

2. Where is the footage stored?

Anything you shoot with SONICAM camera is stored on a removable SD memory card.

3. Is a SD card included with the camera?

128GB micro SD card is included with each SONICAM Camera. You can also replace the SD card with one of your own.

4. How long can my video be?

Video capture length depends on the battery life and the memory. 128GB of data make for 2.5 hour of video footage.

5. Can SONICAM do live streaming of 3D 360 video?

Yes, with real-time stitching function, SONICAM can make live streaming 3D 360 videos.

6. How quickly can I watch my 360 video after I shot it?

There is no need of post-production, you can take out the SD card and see the footage immediately.

7. How long can the camera operate between recharges and how long does it take to charge it?

The camera can operate up to 3 hour. Full charging takes between 1 – 1.5 hours. You will not be able to charge the camera while shooting, but you will be able to use an external battery.

8. Does the camera record 3D audio?

Yes, it records audio. The camera is equipped with 64 microphones hide inside 4 arrays, each array 16pcs. With our advanced Ambisonic sound field recording technology, beamforming microphone array for noise reduction, we can create real 3D audio which matches the 3D images to bring a stunning new level of immersive experience.

9. Does the camera have a remote control?

Yes, the SONICAM camera comes with a mobile app, which serves as a remote control. You can remotely switch the camera on and off, start and end shooting. You can also preview the scene before shooting or you can view and manage the media library after shooting.

10. Can the camera shoot in motion, or must it be static?

The camera shoots in any situation: static on any standard tripod or holding it in your hand, walking and holding it, we will also produce more accessories, so it will attached to electric self-balancing scooters or to a bicycle handlebar. Anytime anywhere.

11. Does the camera have blind spots?

It covers the full 360 degrees sphere, while within the distance of 30-50 cm under the camera, where the tripod stands will be blind spots.