SONICAM — Professional 360 degree VR camera. With SONICAM anyone can become a VR content producer.

With 9 cameras, Image distortion issue has been resolved magnificently. With real-time stitching function, one can easily use it to make professional level panoramic video.

With 64 microphones, ambisonic sound field recording, beam forming microphone array for noise reduction and 3D audio core algorithm technology, we can perfectly record the field sound from everywhere, far and near. While watching VR film, sound effect can also automatically follow your head movement.

SONICAM can be used for news coverage/sports live streaming /concert broadcasting, making micro-film for wedding ceremony or just recording everyday life. It brings the feeling of immersion to a stunning new level.


SONIROCK.INC was founded in Apr-2016, with the vision of pushing the boundaries of new technology and keeps improving human experience in audio & video. Our development and production center is based in Shenzhen, China. We are one of the largest electronic production centers in the world. Together with HAX team, based in SAN FRANCISCO, we’ve developed our first 360 degree VR camera –SONICAM, Professional while affordable.

Our CTO has been focused in 3D video & sound technology for more than 10 years. Along with the rapid development of VR, our aim is to bring the technology to consumer level, so everyone can benefit from our product.